Wedding Tips

These handy wedding tips come from wedding service providers who have much experience in organising weddings. Use the points here to help plan a stress free wedding.

General Wedding Tips

1. It will be almost impossible for you to keep track of time on your wedding day as you will need to be focused on many things. Make sure your photographer, videographer, bridal party and family are aware of the timing you need to keep you on track for the whole day, from hair and makeup to venue and reception. Delegate someone to worry about time for you. A responsible bridesmaid or groomsman is usually a good option and then gives them something to do.

2. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen These guys and girls are actually supposed to help you, not just hang around and look good! It is amazing how intimate a wedding becomes when a bridal party focuses on enhancing their bride and groom’s day. Allocate tasks to each member of the party so that you can relax and enjoy your day. Even jobs like “help me with my dress when I move from place to place” will be a real help.

3. Get together your suppliers names and contact numbers and pass them onto the person who is the main contact for the day

4. We understand planning for a wedding takes time, and we are all time-poor these days. Searching online is good to gauge an idea of what is available, but how do you know they are a quality, reputable & trustworthy business? Our recommendation is to: Find and deal with businesses that may be able to offer you an all inclusive package. Try and deal with businesses that offer genuine experienced referrals to other reputable businesses in the areas you are searching for. These businesses should be able to make recommendations to you which will help. That’s where Select Wedding Services Macarthur can help!

Ceremony venues

1. Arrive On Time. Many brides like to be late for their wedding. If you can arrive at the venue on time, it will be another 5-10 minutes before you walk down the aisle. Hire car drivers will roll out the red carpet before you step out of the vehicle, you then would usually have some photos outside, then make final adjustments to your dress, veil or makeup. By arriving on time, you will walk down the aisle late.

2. The better you know your minister or celebrant, the more relaxed and sincere your ceremony will be. Also ensure that if your minister or celebrant has another wedding ceremony to perform before yours that they leave plenty of time and are not cutting it a bit fine. Again by making sure you are on time, it will allow your celebrant/minister to leave on time if they have another wedding to perform after yours.

3. Confetti, Rose Petals, Bubbles are another nice thing to add an ambience to your ceremony. Confetti is usually banned in most ceremony venues as it does not biodegrade. Rose petals both fresh and dried are usually welcomed as they are a natural product. Bubbles are very popular now but keep in mind that some detergents can harm heritage building materials so avoid blowing bubbles inside old buildings.

4. it’s a good idea to plan your ceremony music at least 1 month prior to your big day

5. To keep everyone informed of the day's events distribute a rough schedule to the bridal party and anyone else who will play a role in your wedding

6. For outdoor ceremonies is it a good idea to have a Plan B location just in case of bad weather (better to safe than sorry)


1. When looking for a photographer make sure you feel comfortable with them. This is the one person you will spend a lot of time with before during and after your wedding day.

2. All photographers are different. They offer different qualities of products and their price can vary greatly as well. When comparing photographers, see what you will get for your money. Do you get a CD of images or can you purchase one? How long the coverage is and what style of albums do they offer. Remember when the champagne has stopped flowing the only thing you will have left are your wedding photos. If you want high quality photos you should be budgeting at least 10% of the wedding cost on photography.

Reception venues

1. Don't pick an exact date before talking to venues, photographers and ceremony location all at once. You need to try to coordinate at least these three service providers together. Have an idea of what month you’d like to get married and see what dates are then available.

2. Remember that February, March, April and September, October, November is peak wedding season so if you plan on a wedding in these months you need to book early.

3. Write a guest list up with absolutely everyone on it. This will give you worst case scenario of numbers that may attend. Its easy to red pen names after that. This will help with picking the right size venue for your reception.


1. It is recommend all brides ask their makeup artist to apply individual false lashes to ones eyes as part of your bridal makeup look. They lengthen and thicken the look of your natural lashes, look natural, yet really add that something extra to the eyes which I find is the one feature all brides love to emphasise.

2.Always enquire if your makeup artist provides a mobile makeup service, traveling to your home or venue on your wedding day or if you are required to go to their studio or salon instead for makeup. Make sure you ask if there are any extra costs involved if they travel to you such as travel, tolls or parking.


1.After you have booked the reception venue, church, garden and photographer, spare a thought for your out of town guests. Where will they stay, how will they find their way around town? Don’t worry, with a little homework on your part and some suggestions to your guests, your local accommodation provider and tourist information centre will be of great assistance! Some properties will have great packages for wedding guests that include everything they may need during their stay to the area of choice.

2. Book guest accommodation and honeymoon nights as soon as possible. As motels are generally busiest during the weekend, and you don’t want to miss out!


1. Don’t put an earlier time on the invitations It is tempting to place an earlier time on the invitation so that late comers arrive on time. Please don’t! For most guests who arrive 30-45 minutes before a ceremony starts - it means an even longer wait. It will also mean at some venues your guests may arrive whilst an earlier wedding is in progress. It can be quite off putting for a couple to emerge from the Church to be greeted by 100 strangers.